Kinston Teens, Inc.

Kinston Teens, Inc.


Nonprofit Organization

About Us

Kinston Teens is a youth-led nonprofit organization with a mission of empowering young people through service, leadership and civic engagement. Our organization, founded in 2014, operates at the intersections of youth empowerment and community development providing those who have been most marginalized and disenfranchised from leadership a chance to shape and influence the future of their neighborhoods. We have been steadfast responding to crises and natural disasters—including hurricanes and the COVID-19 pandemic—along with organizing against gun violence, poverty, and health disparities.

In the short time that Kinston Teens has been active, it has engaged thousands in its programs and has worked hard to include young people in the efforts to better our community. Kinston Teens has organized award-winning leadership development initiatives, and has been recognized on local, state, national and global platforms for its efforts.


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